What rationale was applied in choosing the clinical cases?

Each Author chooses, within his clinical studies, the most significant ones, and spontaneously submits them to highlight in each case one or more characteristics of the wounds treated. The Scientific Committee reviews each case, and if required asks for further integrations to make it more easily understandable and adapt it to the scientific requirements of the site and to its format.

How were the dressings chosen?

At each clinical check point, the choice of dressing  was made according to the type considered most suitable for the wound in that moment of the therapeutic path. The cases show the therapeutic choices made, without any interference by Commercial Companies or “compulsory choices”.

The Authors have any Conflict of Interest?

No: all clinicians involved in the project work as independent professionals or employees of Health Structures, and have no direct employment relationship with Medical Device Manufacturers.

Will the site show always only the cases published initially?

The site will be regularly updated with new clinical cases that will integrate the initial ones. In case new/different pictures become available, or a more interesting case than the one already published for that type of wound is submitted, the Scientific Committee may decide to replace the existing one, with the view of improving the cases presented.

How will I know if the site has been updated?

Every time that the site is updated, all registered users will receive a Newsletter by e-mail.